LOYAL offers the highest level of quality standards to guarantee genuine and exclusive ex-cellar wines and spirits to hotels, restaurants and wine industry professionals.


  • Providing your customers with a guarantee of wines and spirits authenticity  


Customer expectations are constantly growing. Business standards need to meet consumer desire for authenticity and transparency. LOYAL is the most advanced solution on the market, guaranteeing wine authenticity.


  • Create a lasting, trust-based relationship with your wine supplier


Building genuine, direct and transparent partnerships is a key success factor in sustainable and successful businesses. The Loyalwines solution ensures authenticity with a chain of transparent, simple and direct relationships from wineries to wine lovers. You can now communicate directly with your preferred supplier in a flash, order at your convenience and benefit from privileged conditions. 



  • Enhance customer satisfaction


Wine consumers' habits are rapidly evolving. Loyalwines helps you to understand your customers and anticipate their needs, strengthening your relationship with them. Our mobile app brings advanced KPI and CRM tools.

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