Sichuan Guang'an a farmhouse warehouse hidden fake nest seized millions of fake wine

Chengdu, March 2 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun Yan Wei) Trade and Industry Bureau of Sichuan Province on March 2 informed that the province's Guang'an City, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers in a agricultural warehouse inspection, found a filling 'Luzhou' brand liquor Of the dens, the scene seized 47943 white wine, the value of 142.66 million yuan.

Informed that the Guang'an City striker District Trade and Industry Bureau of law enforcement officers in the 'Red Shield Chunlei action 2017', in the jurisdiction of a warehouse sampling agricultural products, found that the next warehouse workers from a field license van to transport items Warehouse, handling of goods packaging is not agricultural products, handling personnel while moving toward the law enforcement officers to see, it is very tense.

Law enforcement officers into the warehouse found, the middle of the warehouse placed 3 barrels of bulk liquor and 30 empty barrels, liquor filling machine, sealing machine, coding machine, etc. Equipment, each set of 1, the filling equipment has just used the traces of the warehouse on the other side of the neat code 'Luzhou' brand 'Laojiao treasures' series of liquor, 47,943 bottles, the value of up to 1.4266 million yuan. The warehouse looks like Agricultural warehouse, the actual filling of bulk liquor as a wine fake dens.

After the identification, the scene of the wine is not Luzhou Laojiao products, infringement of the 'law enforcement officers are still in this agricultural warehouse check printed with' Luzhou 'the words of the box 12540 sets, 5,000 cartons, Anti-counterfeit labels 44800, the relevant certificate of 50,000, printed with 'Wuliangye' logo of the packaging 14100, the amount of packaging materials amounted to 25.5 million.

'Sichuan Province Trade and Industry Bureau has been listed on the supervision, to check the ins and outs, severely punish illegal acts, and effectively protect the lives and health of the people.' Sichuan Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau responsible person, due to the number of products involved, involving a larger amount of complex cases, Local industrial and commercial, public security has set up a task force joint investigation.

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