LOYAL ensures wines and spirits authenticity using advanced technology. Loyalwines offers a groundbreaking service for the wine market based on transparency, fairness, and loyalty. We believe in creating a seamless chain of trust for the wine market.


LOYAL is the fruit of a partnership between the worlds of wine and IT.

LOYAL is the brainchild of a group of dedicated winegrowers. At the forefront of the battle against bogus bottles, winegrowers from some of the most prestigious appellations in France have joined forces to prevent the sale of counterfeit wine.  

LOYAL is a SELINKO spin-off, bridging the gap between wineries and technology. Selinko is specialised in providing security for high-end products and has a wealth of experience in protecting exclusive wines and spirits.



Our teams are located in Hong Kong, France, Belgium, and Shanghai.


Our team is composed of Chinese, English and French speakers who will be delighted to help you.